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Rapid development of domestic mechanical casting machine too
Pubdate date:2019-10-17Views:0
China's foundry industry has developed very rapidly in recent years. The total output of castings ranks first in the world for 10 consecutive years, and its output accounts for about one-third of the world's total casting output. The number of domestic mechanical casting machine tools is huge, and after entering the industrial adjustment period, it shows the potential of machine tool remanufacturing.

China is a veritable founding power. The development of the foundry industry has strongly promoted the advancement of the machinery industry, the aerospace industry, and the national defense industry, especially promoting the steady development of Chinese automobiles, machine tools and other products on the international market. Relevant persons pointed out that China's current casting industry is growing steadily in a steady development, which will make a huge contribution to the development of China's national economy.

 After being eliminated or entering the scrapping period, China's mechanical casting machine tools can completely create new value through remanufacturing, create a post-market service, and form a larger profit margin. According to industry insiders, the size of the automobile aftermarket formed in China is very large, the mechanism is complete, the economic benefits are very obvious, and there are great business opportunities. China's machinery casting industry should actively develop in this direction, so as to promote the domestic machine tool casting industry. A high level of progress.
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